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How it works

Pick one of our awesome website templates. They come with a free domain name, hosting from $15 a month and everything you need for one easy price. Starting at only $1,295 with our Getting started package.

Customize your web site

You have your website template, now you can apply your logo, colour scheme, information and pictures to it.

View your template

With every template you can select live preview, to see how it will actually look before choosing one.

Let your customer find you on any device

All Rhino websites are fully optmised with html5 to fit all screen sizes. Ready for your tablet, smart phone or computer. Some even have custom versions for each.

Choose your features

Each template comes with various different elements, if you wish to add any optional features add these on in our easy bolt on sections. You can add bolt ons at any time, so as your business grows so can your website!

Go live!

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