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Web Rhino's Top 50 Tips To Increase Traffic - Part Two

Stacy Hyland - Thursday, January 28, 2016


Last week we went over how developing a comprehensive social media strategy can help build your online brand and ultimately deliver more traffic to your site.


This week we look at other online tools that will drive traffic to your site.



If you are struggling to think about how you can constantly come up with fresh and engaging content for social media, an easy answer to this is to make sure that you have a blog feature on your website. Blog posts can easily be shared across multiple social platforms and with the use of snip.ly can also work as another marketing tool. Not only will Blogs increase content for you social media, they help with your SEO rankings, which in turn will increase general traffic to your site. One more great thing about blogs is that the more you post, the more you will grow your reputation as an industry leader in your field – and that is never a bad thing!


  1. 16. Write about topics your business knows well
  2. 17. Interview industry influencers
  3. 18. Write an expert round up of current events in your industry
  4. 19. Write reviews on products or services in your industry
  5. 20. Write industry related advice


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are a new business and don’t know much about online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) may seem confusing. We all want to be on page one of Google search results so SEO is an integral part of any online marketing plan as it does exactly what the title suggests – it optimizes your website for search engine results. We recommend you look at using an actual SEO agency for this (Web Rhino are SEO experts – hint hint) as it is very complex however there are things that you can be doing yourself that will help boost your SEO:


  1. 21. Make sure all your images have names relevant to your topic
  2. 22. Optimize all your content to include key words where possible
  3. 23. Guest post on other blogs and websites
  4. 24. Interlink your content
  5. 25. Share posts via social media


Email Marketing

Email marketing is an easy way to get people to click through to your website. With anti-spam laws in place, customers have to opt in to your email newsletter in order for you to send it to them. This means that half the battle is already won, as they are already interested in your brand. With sites such as Mailchimp that have automated systems in place for ensuring your database is always up to date, you know that your message will always reach the customers that are most likely to be engaged with your brand.

 Ways to engage your customers through email marketing include:


  1. 26. Links to new and updated content
  2. 27. Competitions
  3. 28. Event invites
  4. 29. Product launches
  5. 30. Cross promotions


Message Boards / Forums

Being an active member in group chats and forums that are related to your industry is a quick way of not only growing your online network, but to build your brand as an industry leader. These forums are also great to use as an online learning tool as networks often discuss current industry problems and how to deal with these.


  1. 31. Yahoo!
  2. 32. Facebook Groups
  3. 33. Google+
  4. 34. Reddit
  5. 35. Niche blogs and forums


Online marketing can seem like a never-ending story of different platforms and tactics and it can be hard to decipher what methods are right for you and your business.


Web Rhino have years of experience across online marketing and web design and can help you achieve your business goals while still being affordable and effective. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Tune in next week when we look at a range of other options that help get your message in front of your target audience.

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