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Web Rhino’s Top 50 Tips to Increasing Traffic – Part Three

Stacy Hyland - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

In our previous two posts about increasing traffic to your site we looked at online strategies to getting more traffic to your site. This week we will look at more traditional ways of getting your brand out in the public eye.


PR / Press

If your business does something that you consider newsworthy – make sure you get this put out into the media. Talk to a PR agency who will make sure that your article will get to the right channels and not lost in a sea of written submissions. Another great option is to sign up as a media source for reporters, should they ever need expert opinions for a story. There are plenty of websites out there that you can sign up for that will connect you to various media outlets.


  1. 36. News worthy content
  2. 37. Media source



Advertising is the tried and true way of getting your brand out into the public eye and luckily with online marketing, advertising is now affordable enough for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Social media marketing will always be popular so it should be included in your marketing strategy. Most social media these days have some form of advertising capability so it is about finding out what might work for you. On top of social media, make sure you see if more standard advertising is a good fit for your business.


  1. 38. Facebook 
  2. 39. Linkedin 
  3. 40. Instagram 
  4. 41. Twitter
  5. 42. Google advertising
  6. 43. Online advertising 
  7. 44. Mobile ads 
  8. 45. Physical advertising



Here a few tips that we have put together that aren’t included in any specific category above, but that we think are also good ideas for you to consider when writing up your marketing strategy.


  1. 46. Be interviewed by others with a link back to your site
  2. 47. Register your physical location on Google Maps and Foursquare
  3. 48. Cross promotion with other businesses
  4. 49. Sponsoring an event or person
  5. 50. Word of mouth


And there you have it. There are our top 50 tips to increase traffic to your site. If you have read all of the above and are still feeling overwhelmed about how to implement a successful marketing strategy, give us call at Web Rhino. Not only do we design affordable and effective websites, we are experts in the field of online marketing and can put together a custom marketing package just for you.


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